Digital Car Print and Car Graphics

Whether it is for your fleet or personal car, digital car graphics can be quite eye-catching! For your business, these are exceptional marketing tools and can be used to promote your company throughout the city or county.

For your personal vehicle, such graphics will surely turn heads in public!

At Sunset Tints, we offer an extensive range of digital car print and car graphics Birmingham. We provide high-quality and long-lasting finishes of different shapes, sizes, and designs as per your needs.

Few of our services include –

  • Van graphics

If you own a van or run a fleet, opt for Digital Car Print Birmingham. Whether you want solid or multiple colours, partial wrapping, colour images, or anythingelse, we have the expertise to customise your vehicle the way you want.

  • Car graphics

Similar to vans, we also offer graphics and prints for cars. These can be simple lettering to full-body wraps that cover your vehicle completely.

  • Vinyl graphics

Vinyl graphics are an efficient and affordable way of promoting your business. These graphics can be quickly installed and also removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint. As such, vinyl graphics are ideal for advertising a temporary discount or sale that your company is offering.

An interesting feature of vinyl graphics is that these can be cut into any shape or size and placed at any area of a vehicle.

Apart from these few types, we also offer digital car print Birmingham in the following finishes and materials -

  1. Permanent matte – Permanent matte graphics, as the name suggests, are permanently affixed and comes with a matte finish.
  2. Permanent gloss – These are similar to the above but with a glossy or shiny finish.
  • Removable gloss– These graphics are glossy but are removable.

Why buy car graphics from us?

Some of the features of our car graphics include –

  • Weather resistant.
  • Fade resistant – Does not fade with time.
  • Vivid colours and highly detailed.
  • 1440 dpi high resolution printing.
  • 100 micron thick prints.
  • Class B fire resistant.

Sunset Tints – For all your car graphics needs

No matter the type of car graphics Birminghamyou seek, we have all options available. Come down to our shop at 95A Soho Hill, Birmingham, B191AY to have a look at our collection. Or, you can also give us a call at 0121 448 6929 or 0751 885 6263 to know more about our products and services.

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