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Need some Replacement Number Plates?

Have you lost one of your number plates or is it broken, cracked, the colours have faded over time or are there some marks obscuring the numbers or letters?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it is illegal, and so the number plate needs replacing. The Sunset Tints number plates Birmingham team is here to help - we can easily make replacement number plates for you - or shiny new plates in a unique style.We can certainly also provide you with an extra set of car registration plates for your rear-mounted cycle carrier or in case you are towing. 

We will also be happy to help you design your own number plates if you wish. Just choose from different lettering options, borders and emblems, and we will do the rest.

Rest assured, all of our new and replacement registration plates are 100% road legal. 

By law, you must provide proof of identity and entitlement to the registration mark in order to get new or replacement number plates.

Don't worry. It's straightforward.

Just have a quick look at the DVLA website. There you can find more detailed information on what paperwork to provide. Get your number plates quick, easy and at the best price.

Number plates Birmingham – Sunset Tints

Get in touch with us. We have two branches in Birmingham. You can easily find the contact and address details on this site.

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