Car Wrapping

One of our absolute specialities!

Custom-fit film cuts:

Our Sunset Tints car wrapping Birmingham team, applies only premium quality films, just the way you want it for your vehicle. 

You benefit from perfect foil shape thanks to our cutting specialists and equipment so that we can cater for all vehicle types. We cut the optically clear and extremely resistant film parts 100% precisely controlled by computer technology. Only then will our paint protection professionals apply the exact film cuts to your vehicle. 

We certainly also provide individually customised graphics for that unique look or advertisement purposes. 

Conservation of paint instead of repainting:

Did you forget to protect your new car with sturdy wrapping foils to prepare it for the "life on the road?" Use the inexpensive option and protect your vehicle from all environmental influences in the future thanks to our high-quality paint protection films. Because keep in mind: On the one hand, expensive repainting never looks 100% as good as the original, and in addition, stone chips damage repainted areas are much more quickly vulnerable. Take the opportunity and save money, time and trouble!

Enjoy the "new car look" for many years.

Increase the resale value: 

In addition to the joy of the unchanged like-new appearance of your vehicle, you can also enjoy the advantage of maximising profits when reselling thanks to our first-class paint protection films. Our high-quality foils ensure that your car is protected against ageing and environmental influences over the years and also keeps its brand-new look. Of course, our films can be removed without residue from factory paintwork at any time. The resale value of your vehicle will tend to be higher than that of a car that was not wrapped in film. 

Treat your vehicle to the long-term protection and benefit from the result!

No more paint damage:

Your vehicle is exposed to many harmful influences such as bird droppings, road salt or stone chips every day. The consequences are uncomfortable and costly. Thanks to our resistant paint protection films, your vehicle is adequately protected against scratches and other paint damage. Use our first-class Sunset Tints Car Wrapping Birmingham paint protection films. It's worth it.

Easy care

An exceptional reason for wrapping is the "self-healing" of the surfaces of our paint protection car films. Thanks to a special coating, we make superficial scratches disappear through exposure to heat. Our films are, of course, car wash proof; also, thanks to the special surface treatment, it is much easier to clean your car.

Full commitment to your car.

Your vehicle will be cleaned by us beforehand very gently and very labour intensive. We only apply the paint protection film to your car after the exact foil cut. Professional and 100% bubble-free.

Make a noncommittal appointment:

Do you have any questions, requests, need an estimate, or would you like to make an appointment to protect your car or get special graphics? Please get in touch.

For your convenience, we have two branches in Birmingham:

95A Soho Hill B19 1 AY

101 Aston Hall Road B6 7LP

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