Car Protection Film

Sunset Tints is one of the most visited shops in Birmingham for all things car exterior. We have a wide range of solutions to protect your car’s paint, and paint protection film (PPF) is one of them (and our personal favourite).

At our shop, you can get car protection film Birmingham for any type of vehicle. So, if you have bought a new car, bring it down to our facility, and we will put a PPF on it so that the originalpaint stays like new for years to come.

PPF is made out of polyurethane, urethane, or acrylic, which makes it transparent and capable of withstanding everyday conditions. The films we offer are from some of the most reputed brands (like 3M), which have garnered excellent market reputation. These will not generate an “orange peel” effect, which is caused by shrinkage.

Why put a paint protection film on your car?

Paint protection film can be applied to protect your car’s paint job from the following –

  • Scratches and minor abrasions.
  • Bird droppings.
  • Impact from tiny foreign objects while driving your vehicle on the road.

How our experts install a paint protection film?

Our professionals have years of hands-on experience in applying car protection film. Their job will ensure in-detail perfection.

They will install the PPF in the following way –

  1. Experts at Sunset Tints begin by cleaning and preparing your car for the installation.
  2. Next, they carefully apply the PPF onevery section of the car body that you’ve instructed to.

They will then use a slip solution and water to place the film into place.

  1. Lastly, after installing the PPF, they will squeeze out any liquid underneath the former.

PPF Kits available at Sunset Tints

We currently offer the following four types of kits for car protection film Birmingham

  1. Basic – Basic kit includes high-impact zones. These are headlights, bumpers, mirrors, partial bonnet, etc.
  2. Full front – Full front kit includes all the coverage of a basic kit along with full bonnet.
  3. Full front plus – Full front plus includes all the coverage of basic and full front along with partial rear bumper, rocker panels, and sills.
  4. Full coverage – Full coverage, as the name suggests, covers every part of your car.

Paint protection film from Sunset Tints

Sunset Tints has garnered a substantial client base and goodwill owing to the prompt customer services and unmatched quality of work.

So, bring your car to our shop at Soho Hill, Birmingham to get a car protection film installed on your new vehicle. You can also reach us at 01214486929 or 0751 885 6263 for more information.

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