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Professional car window tinting is more than just an optical detail, which is intended to change the car's look and make it look cool. The main intention is to shield the occupants from uninvited glances into the vehicle interior.

It fulfils other purposes and even increases the safety and well-being of the vehicle's occupants. The privacy screen hides valuable objects from the eyes of potential thieves. Anti-glare protection reduces stray light and irritating reflections when driving at night.

On sunny days, up to 99% of UV-A and UV-B radiation is filtered, thereby preventing harmful effects on health, for example, for sensitive skin types or sun allergies. The ageing process of the vehicle interior is also slowed down, as plastics and other materials fade or even cracks due to the sun's rays, for example on the dashboard.

Window tint also helps to keep the temperatures down on hot days.

Another factor lies in the high-performance films we use at Sunset Tints car window tinting Birmingham. These not only have excellent durability but also reflect a large part of the infrared radiation from sunlight and thereby keep it away from the interior of the vehicle.

The result: On sunny days there is a measurable and tangible difference in the comparison of the vehicle before the sun protection film is attached to the rear and side windows (according to legislators, windshields must not be foiled!). Last but not least, the additional occupant protection against broken glass in the event of an accident should also be mentioned.

Since the film on the sides and rear windows connect individual fragments of the vehicle glass, it makes it difficult for individual pieces to penetrate the vehicle interior.

So you see;

So there are many reasons to choose professional Window Tinting Birmingham at Sunset Tints. If you have any queries, want us to have a look at your vehicle and give you a quote, or are interested in any of our other services, please get in touch. For your convenience, we have two Sunset Tints branches in Birmingham. One on Soho Hill and one on Aston Hall Road. You can find our exact addresses on this website.

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