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Chrome Car Wrap

Chrome vinyl wrapping transforms the way your car looks from outside. A full-body chrome car wrap will transmute the exteriors into anabsolute head turner,something which will let your vehicle stand out in the public.

And, we at Sunset Tints offer affordable chrome vinyl wrapping Birmingham and ensure not toburn a hole in your pocket. Our professionals have years of experience customising vehicles; they can wrap every corner with precision, even the most difficult of the places (like the mirror) without crimping or breaking the coat.

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Benefits you get by wrapping your car

Other than elevating the overall charisma of your car, chrome car wrap Birmingham also comes with the following benefits –

  1. Protects your vehicle’s paintjob from scratches, dust, and debris.
  2. Can be easily removed in case you want a new wrap or are willing to sell your car.

Increases the re-sell value. When you sell your car, your buyer gets the paint that is as good as new.

  1. Chrome wrap Birmingham is way cheaper thanpaintwork; will cost a fraction of the price for the latter.
  2. Repainting often fails to match the quality of the first-time paint.Chrome wrapping will aid in protecting the “new car look” for longer duration.

Another benefit is that you get to choose whether you want to wrap the whole car or just a few areas – the hood, mirrors, doors, or any other. At Sunset Tints, we offer you the option to customise as per your preference.

Are chrome wraps as good as a paintjob?

This is a common question that we come across almost every day. Many believe that chrome wraps can never replicate the look of new paint.

However, our years of experience says that top-quality chrome wrapping services at expert hands will be no less than a brand-new paintjob.

How do our professionals work?

Chrome wrapping at our shop is done in the following steps –

  • We wash and dry your car to make sure there is no dust accumulation.
  • Our experts then start laying the wrap on your vehicle.
  • They remove wrinkles and air b
  • Then they use heat guns affix the material around the difficult parts like door handles, lights, mirrors, etc.
  • Finally, they conduct a thorough check to ensure the wrapping is done perfectly.

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