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Here at Sunset Tints, we are offering high-quality car customisation services to our customers not only in and around Birmingham but all around the country.
In our modern, fully equipped workshops we offer headlight, taillight and foglight tinting. Over the years, we have tested a variety of tinting products to find the best materials to carry out this very popular vehicle modification.


Our team of experts is specialised in non-permanent light tinting.
We use translucent tinting films/vinyl.
These films are similar to the foils we are using for vehicle wrapping.
These materials can be individually shaped to fit the complex shapes of the vehicle lights and cover the surface of the lights with a layer of tint/colour.
Needless to say, we at Sunset Tints Headlight, Taillight and Foglight Tinting Birmingham are only using the best grade materials available on the market.
This allows us to offer a top-quality fit and finish at a very reasonable price.
The tinting foils we use are made using particular adhesive layers, which means they are diffusing the light emitted directly from the car lights - more than our car light tints.
The light emitted from the vehicle's lights will be reduced, but it will still be strong.
For our non-permanent tints, we offer different colours and shades.


We always make sure our work allows the vehicle's headlights to be tinted but not knocking out too much light. We also make sure there will not be any overheating.
You don't need to worry about the legality of your lights or the passing of your next MOT test either.
The tinting foils we use last several years, but if you want to get them removed earlier because you would like to go for a different colour or for other reasons, they are easily removable by our experts.
In case you have a specific question or need advice or would like to book your car in with us, please contact us at one of our two branches in Birmingham.
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