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Car Vinyl Wrap

Reimagine your car as something new, something completely different, a head-turner in every way!

At Sunset Tints, we can help you transform your vehicle into something spectacular, with a wide range of vinyl wrapping options. From coloured to textured films, we have it all.

If you are looking for the best vinyl wrapcar Birmingham, then bring your vehicle down to Sunset Tints. We are the best place to get your car wrapped owing to three reasons –

  1. Minimal cost.
  2. Excellent quality.
  3. Low downtime.

What can you get from us?

At our shop, you will find the following types of car vinyl wrap Birmingham

  • Glossy wraps

Glossy wraps are one of the most popular choices, not only in the UK, but also around the globe. These wraps resemble paintwork and can instil a distinct look to your vehicle. You can treat the wrap with wax to make it shinier and more appealing.

  1. Matte wraps

Matte wraps are the opposite of glossy ones. These do not shine or reflect light like the latter.

One of the drawbacks of matte wraps is that these cannot be treated with wax. However, these look exceptionally striking on premium vehicles that havemore curves and body lines (like the Mercedes-Benz GLA).

Matte vinyl wrap car Birmingham is more common than what a lot of our customers think, and car owners who have installed it only have positive feedbacks.

  • Satin wraps

When you can’t decide between matte or glossy wraps, go with the satin counterparts. In terms of reflection, these wraps are better than thematteones. But when it comes to shining, these are not as much as glossy wraps; however, satin wraps can be waxed.

The above were the three most common types of vinyl wrap car Birmingham. Few other types are mentioned below –

  1. Diamond wraps – Diamond wraps are similar to glossy wraps. The difference is that the former sparkles and reflects a lot of light.
  2. Chrome wraps –Owing to their super-shiny finish, chrome wraps are also known as mirror wraps. Installing these wraps require substantial experience owing to its sophistication, and at Sunset Tints, our experts possess the necessary skills to install chrome wraps with care.
  3. Iridescent wraps – These wraps are also glossy but change colours depending on the viewing angle.

Sunset Tints - #1 place to get your car wrapped

With years of experience, we are the first choice when it comes to picking a vinyl wrap car company Birmingham. Our professionals can get your car wrapped at the minimum time possible. We also offer the most affordable vinyl wrap services in the city.

So, what are you waiting for? Come down to our shop at 95A Soho Hill, Birmingham, B191AY. If you want more information, give

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